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Related post: Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 22:19:18 EST From: Double A Subject: Raven Hair (Part 2)Disclaimer: straight teen model After a hiatus of sorts, I am back with another story! Yay! Anyway, due to nude modeling angencies personal problems, blonde sexy models I've been unable/unwilling to write much of anything for a long time. Here is a new story from me to you. For those of you who 14y nude model know my style and enjoy it, you should really like this one. Like I said, though, I haven't written anything for a while, so I may be a bit rusty. For those who don't know my style, I tend to use a lot of build-up and "storyline". So, if you came on to find a story for a quick jack-off, then this probably ain't for you. However, if you want to take the time to read a beautiful tale of young love, then sit back, take a sip from your glass of wine, and enjoy!And remember...Always stand up for what you think is right, top beautifu models don't listen to bullshit, no matter who is saying it, and pia model always teen model stars speak with your fists and swear a lot tiny models forum to be heard!******************Part 2: Of course, being in the same homeroom didn't mean that you had all the same classes together, and David was happy to find out, over the next couple of weeks, that he had a few classes with his two friends. Matt was in his Bible Studies class and Michael and him shared a French and Hebrew class. However, it turned out that jessi models Aaron was in the same French class as Michael and him, much to Michael's disgust. Right away, David learned one of the big things that Michael hated about Aaron. David worked really hard in French class, handed asian model gallerys in his homework early, sat in the front row of class, and yet the kinder bikini model teacher hardly noticed him when he raised his hand. Aaron, on the other hand, always sat at the very back, a passive look that was preeteen russian model quickly becoming his trademark, plastered on his pale face. By his sheer disinterest, the teacher constantly called on him to answer questions and, somehow, he always had the answer. Moreover, he'd hand in his homework right on the polish naked models day that it was due, and he'd always end up scoring higher than David. Aaron was one of those people that David had loathed all top child supermodel through grade school; the type of person model cuties pedo who never had to work hard to get A's across the board. David would sit in class, fuming, and teen model potal every time the teacher called on Aaron and nn child supermodels he got the right answer, David clenched his fists tighter and Michael turned toward David brain model educational and shot him a look that said, "See! I told you what an Aarhole he is!" He'd only crazy model nn known him for two weeks, but David, by every right, felt that he should hate Aaron as much as Michael did. He l s models didn't, though. He didn't, because, besides sharing a French class, David also shared PE with Aaron. Right from the first PE class, David had found out the true person behind Aaron Sternzus. Firstly, he found out why Aaron was rarely seen without his baggy, purple-tinged white sweatshirt. While most of the kids who attended Bialik came from a rich upbringing, with their expensive clothing, Florida-tanned skin, toned bodies, and chin held high, Aaron turned out to be just the opposite. Where David had thought that Aaron wore the clothes he did girl model mpeg to seem mysterious and relaxed, David had found out the truth when Mr. blogshop model Sousan, the PE teacher, had forced Aaron to wear a gym kit. Aaron refused to change in melissa forum teenmodel the locker room with the rest of the people, and always headed to the bathroom to top model porns change before each class. Even David, uncomfortable as he modeling picture teen was with his new environment, changed in supermodels nude pictures the locker room. With the white T-shirt and grey shorts that was the uniform for Bialik gym classes, Aaron's pale skin was even more noticeable, as was the chubbiness of his stomach and lack of muscular definition. He wasn't fat, by any means, but, child modeling agent like David, he looked like the anti-image for Bialik High School. Despite his calm attitude, without the black clothing and baggy sweatshirt, Aaron suddenly looked very insecure. This was compounded when they went out into the gym and began class. Aaron couldn't quite reach his foot when they did hamstring bionaire model 611d stretches, he couldn't run the 2.5 kilometres around the track in the required twelve minutes or less, and he wasn't any good at basketball, floor hockey, or rugby. David couldn't do the warm-ups very well either, nor was he any good at the sports, but knowing that there was someone model galleries teen in his class who was in the same position made him feel better about it. Without meaning to, David found himself timing his movements by Aaron's. When Aaron failed to quite reach his foot on a hamstring stretch, David faltered in the same way at the same moment. When Aaron petite top model failed the hit the birdie over the badminton net, David failed to return it over the net. David even found himself jogging beside Aaron on their last lap, while the rest of the class waited impatiently for them to finish. It was during those laps model hott girl that, between car models gasps of air, David managed to gain small tidbits of information from Aaron. By the second week, David knew that Aaron had come from Akiva, a very orthodox Jewish school in Montreal-West. As such, Aaron was in the top Hebrew and Bible Studies classes, japan 12yo models and was nearly fluent in both Hebrew and Yiddish. Aaron had grown his hair long to young pedo model piss off his mother, who lived in Toronto, bambi modeling while nn model agents he lived in Montreal with his dad. Aaron was originally born in Los Angeles, California, but his father had moved to low teen models Montreal to take a professor job at Concordia, a university in Montreal. It made David feel good knowing that Aaron's parents were divorced too. Through these brief, breathless exchanges, David found himself looking forward to PE, and even nodding at Aaron, when he saw him in the hallway. Aaron's constant correct answers in French class got less annoying, and David 16yo top models stopped returning Michael's glances of condescension toward Aaron. David still didn't consider Aaron a friend, though. Outside hottest child models of PE, Aaron still acted very aloof toward everybody and he still did his best to cut himself off from too much human contact. Also, he always seemed to wear that sweatshirt and David found it quite weird. He didn't say much to Aaron, outside of PE theo teen model class, and so David was confident that nobody would find out about his contact with the boy. Especially, Michael. Bialik offered a cafeteria lunch every day, but students had the option of bringing lunch and going outside the school. Matt usually brought a small missymodel com halee lunch, his mother being a total healthy freak, and so by the time David worked his way through the crowded hallways and young model board3 into the lunchroom, Matt was done and on his way to porno model gallery the library. Michael, coming from a rich family, always bought lunch and ate by himself, until David arrived. One day, near the beginning of October, David and Michael were sitting in the cafeteria, talking about the upcoming Comedy Night that Bialik had every fall, when David spotted Aaron work his way through the crowd and appear to be coming toward his table. Michael leaned his head in closer and whispered, "Pretend like you're talking to me. Maybe young anime models he'll just think we're busy and go away." David shrugged, and was just asking Michael if he was enjoying the crispness of the 13 models tgp weather, when Aaron slowly sat down on the bench, next to David, and, chelda child model turning to him, porn model agency said, "Hey, David, you wanna go to the mall or something?" "Why don't you just get the fuck away, Jesus?" Michael sneered at Aaron. Aaron and Michael shared a small nude models Yiddish class, and a week or so ago, the teacher had jokingly commented that, with his long hair, Aaron sort of looked like Jesus. It was female mature models only mildly funny at the time, but Michael pretten black model began attempting to get the name the recognition that "Aarhole" had, back in Akiva. "It's child modeling pantyhose a free country, Michael." nude 16yr models Aaron retorted calmly, "Besides, I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to David." Turning to David, Michael inquired, "You don't really want to do anything with Jesus, do you?" David turned to Aaron and felt very conflicted. Michael was a good friend for several years amt model and David was embarrassed to show any compassion toward the guy who Michael was quickly turning into the most unpopular kid in school. Then again, David saw a look on Aaron's face that he had never seen before. Aaron always tried to keep a calm, uncaring appearance, but as David looked at his face, he could see the way his lingerie modeling studio teeth nibbled at his bottom lip and the way his forest-green eyes looked at him. David could see that, despite his attempt to seem indifferent, Aaron genuinely wanted him to go to the mall. David turned back to Michael, who regarded his hesitation to answer with an ever-increasing look of disgust, and replied, trying to hide the guilt from his voice, "No...No, of course not." Michael smirked and, turning to Aaron, remarked, "Piss off, Jesus. Nobody likes you." David tried to suppress the sexy blond model painful stabs of regret in his gut, as he amanda leigh model turned to Aaron and nodded in agreement. russian model pics Aaron stopped nibbling his bottom lip and, his lips parted slightly, David could hear him softly sigh, before standing up and indian models mumble, "Asshole." and then walk off. While Michael continued talking about Comedy Night, as if nothing had happened, David tried to shoot quick glances behind him, casting glances at Aaron standing on the other side of the room, leaning against a wall. David had a lot old women models of trouble sleeping that night, as he went over the scene again and again in his mind. He kept wondering why he felt so awful about siding with Michael against Aaron. He wondered 12yo mude model why he felt so weird and his stomach felt so painful, when he thought about Aaron's chicas model toplist look of despair and that faint sigh that he'd uttered when David had turned down his request. He worried about it so much that he vowed to do something about it as soon as possible. That time came three days later, when he saw that their once-a-week PE class was the period before lunch. "What luck!" David thought, as he pulled nymph porn models on his gym shorts. However, Aaron had been ignoring him ever since that thing in the cafeteria and this time was no different. When Aaron entered, fully changed, into the locker room, he strode right by David, without so much as a glance. David quickly stood up and called, "Aaron, hey Aaron!" after him, but the boy didn't slow down. After an uneventful game of floor hockey, it came time for the 2.5 kilometres around the track. David tried to run beside Aaron, but it seemed that Aaron was so bent on ignoring David that it gave him extra speed that allowed him to always keep ten metres ahead of him. "Good hustle, Sternzus!" Mr. Sousan called to Aaron, as he noticed his new burst of speed. For the first time since they began PE, Aaron actually managed to finish the 2.5 kilometres in the appropriate time, trying to keep away from David, and David had done it, trying to catch up to him. Totally out of breath, the two boys walked back into the gym and Mr. Sousan called, "Great work today, boys! See what happens when you don't spend time talking to each other on naked pre model the track?" The students walked wearily back through the gym and into the locker room, with Aaron grabbing his gym nude nude models bag and walking into the bathroom area. "I hear his dick's the size of my pinky and that's why he doesn't want to change here." David heard one of the students remark to another, as he walked into the locker room. Still catching his breath, David unlocked the locker, grabbed the gym gina model teen bag and walked into the bathroom area. Once entering the bathroom area, David checked which stall Aaron international teen models was changing in youngest sexmodels and entered the one right next to it. Unzipping his bag, David pulled out his alli model shirt and jeans and said, "Why danya teen model don't you change with the rest of the guys there?" David heard Aaron zip his models masturbating bag closed and open the stall door. David quickly stuffed his clothes back into his xxx anderage model bag and ran out of the stall, grabbing Aaron as he walked toward the exit. Aaron violently shrugged off David's hand and said, "Get the hell off of me!" "I'm sorry I told you off in the cafeteria a few days ago." David said, trying his best to look into Aaron's eyes so he'd know he was sincere. "I don't know what the heck you're drooling about." Aaron said, reaching for the bathroom door and pulling it open. Speaking a little softer, now that they were back in the locker room, David said quickly, "You wanted to go to the mall with me, but I said no. I'm sorry about that. I vlad model gallery was wondering if you wanted to go today at lunch? sarina teen model I mean, I brought money today, so I can buy something there." Besides the fact that the last sentence sounded pretty retarded, David thought he'd done porn model girl a good job of teen model russian apologizing. Aaron stopped for a second and, putting his free hand into the pocket at the front of his sweatshirt, said, "Um...Okay, meet me by the sexy childmodels cafeteria entrance." With that, Aaron quickly tossed his bag into a free locker, not even bothering to close or topless model galleries lock it, and jogged out of the locker room. Now alone, David shrugged and, to nobody in particular, said, "Cool." After placing his bag away in a more secure fashion than Aaron did his, David left the locker room and made his way down the hall to the cafeteria. As he said, Aaron bambi teen model was waiting nonchalantly by the entrance. When he saw David, he actually smiled somewhat and illegal model made his way over to him. Silently, flat teen models they walked valerie webe model down the hallway, up the stairs and out of the school. The Cavendish mall was a five minute walk down Kildare street, so the two teen sveta model boys took their time in heading there. They didn't actually talk or anything, but David could feel the tension between them lessening. He felt more comfortable than he had for the past few days, because his guilt was gone. He still hadn't figured out why he felt so hurt about what he had said to Aaron, but he was glad he got Aaron to forgive him. At least, he hoped Aaron forgave him. When they entered the mall, they headed straight for the food court and began looking around at the various stands. "So, where do you want to go?" David asked. Aaron shrugged and, indifferently, said, "Dunkin Donuts cool with you?" David nodded and the two yfm young model of them waited in line. David ordered a smoked meat sandwich on a kaiser roll, with nn teen modelsnet a double chocolate donut and a Coke. Aaron ordered the same thing, childs models only roast beef instead of smoked meat. They quickly found a seat and began eating. Slowly, David looked up and models 16 tgp asked, after swallowing a mouthful of sandwich, "So, what do you like to do with your time?" Aaron shrugged and took a sip of his Coke and replied, "I dunno. Computer games, movies, Super Nintendo stuff." David and Aaron little video models talked back and forth about models russian teen their own interests. David found it cool to know that Aaron's nn ls models favourite computer game was Monkey Island, just like his, and Aaron's favourite video game was Final model agencies metart Fantasy 2, just like his. "So, I have a really weird question for you." David stated, after finishing off his sandwich. "Shoot." Aaron said, still somewhat indifferent but sounding a lot more upbeat than before. "Well," naked pretten models David said, "I was always wondering, how do I pronounce your first name? I mean, guys usually pronounce it Aar-on, but I heard Michael call you Air-on, like the girl version of the name." Aaron shrugged and said, "Well, I pronounce models nude buns it like a girl's name, I guess..." abercrombie male models David nodded, taking a sip of Coke. A sneaky newsgroup model petite smile on his face, Aaron continued, "But you swedish bikini models can call me Squinky." crazy model nude That line was from Monkey Island and, while it wasn't particularly funny in the game, Aaron's delivery of it caused David to computersimulationmodel break down, and, unable to control himself, he burst out laughing, spraying a mouthful of Coke into Aaron's face. Tears running down his face, as well as rivulets of littlegirl models soda, David laughed hysterically. A look of disgust came over Aaron's face, as he surveyed his clothes, now covered in Coca-Cola. However, as he looked up at David's hysterically laughing face, he began to smile, then giggle, and within seconds, he exploded into laughter like David. His cracking pubescent laughter only made David laugh harder, and sexyteen models the whole place was now turned around and watching the two thirteen-year-olds crying with joviality. After several minutes, both boys finally wiped their eyes and calmed down. A smile on Aaron's face, he said, "I'm not doing 1 studio model anything this weekend. Would you like to come over?" David sniffled and, still smiling from their laughter, replied, "Sure."
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